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Two coin found quite a while age.


Verified Member 2020
I have just been looking at 2 coins I found quite a while ago. Not in a good condition and both the same size as a pre-decimal half penny.

On closer inspection I have found that one is a 1886 Queen Victoria Half Penny but the other has me stumped at the moment. No pictures as yet but I can make out from lettering on the obverse that it is a Napoleon iii Empereur coin with a partial date of 185? There is a hole right where the forth digit is as if it has been used on a neck chain or something. The head is facing to my left.

I can just about make out the following letters on the reverse C A I S which I suspect is the end of FRANCAIS and E M P I R E.

All detail in the centre is almost obliterated but with careful positioning of a torch It highlights just enough detail to show the Eagle with outstretched wings and possibly the word Centimes and a word that ends in NQ (CINQ?). It is 25mm dia.

All this suggests a 5 Centimes. Would you agree?