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Dig next Sunday 18th

Bob T

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Can I ask if the stubble is hard or soft,so that I can put the right coil on.
Even barley stubble is quite stiff at this time of year as it’s just been cut and no frosts yet.
Best to go where the combine and tractor have been.
Some of my barley has been cut for three weeks but I’m using my smallest, 9 inch coil when I have to get in among it.


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I was on the last one when I donated the bottle of premium whiskey, I do have many injuries and unfortunately my father in law lives on his own and has vascular dementia and goes missing quite a bit.
Thats what im saying mate. You dont have much luck.
ONE POINT COULD ALL FOLKS PARK ON TRACK NOT ON THE PUBLIC ROAD . AS THE PUBLIC ROAD IS NARROW AND COULD BE BUSY WITH FARM GEAR . REQUEST FROM FARMER . GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE . GOOD IDEA MARK EARLY START . Kev popped an eddy hammy when we checked out half an hour run over . He was going to leave it .But at that time farmer was going to muck/harrow so he kept it rather than loose it . But it hasnt been mucked/harrowed to wet for 40 ton running over it . (No problems parking on the left half/half on leaving turn at top ). I know i repeat myself it one of my failing lol. Always tell folk half a dozen times :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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