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Early morning dig

mick hopton

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Out this morning for two hours bottle digging with maz , he took his pin pointer to check the spoil and found a ship halfpenny , an enamel lid of something , IMG_20200605_132203.jpg IMG_20200605_104919.jpg IMG_20200605_131847.jpg IMG_20200605_132145.jpg IMG_20200605_131935.jpg IMG_20200605_132237.jpg lead Toy soldier, a lead tube for engine additive and a royal army medical corps shoulder title ! Not bad going and a few marbles too.i only found s couple of bottles but enjoyed the look out

Bob T

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Nice collection there.
It's something I've thought about but never done and I know a place near me in a wood where I think there are loads.
I was walking my dog years ago, before I detected, and a load of soil had washed off a bank and there were bottles everywhere, lots of them smashed.
I was concerned for dogs getting cut paws so went bag and put a load into bin bags, rung the Council and told them where they were but they never collected them.