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Finally back on the fields for a Hammered

maize runner

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Been absent of late on the forum, managed to avoid Covid for 2 years and then caught it last month. Just glad I had all the vaccinations and boosters. I was floored by it. Lost taste and smell, struggled to get up the stairs and pretty much do anything, out of breath just moving around the house. Been feeling better for a few days then ill again. Yesterday was the 1st day I felt well enough to try detecting so I hit the fields. It was hard going but took plenty of rests, probably more rest time than detecting. I found the usual targets, buttons, buckles, bullets and lead so I was very please to get this as my last target.

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Edward 1st penny Canterbury mint. If @Allectus could confirm the ID I would be very grateful.

Hope all the regulars and other members are keeping well.

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell speedy recovery Neil nice coin friend best regards Mike