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Looking for a new beach detector


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Right. Im seriously thinking about treating myself to a new beach detector. Im not up on beach detectors so dont know whats what these days. Ive a Sovereign GT at the moment but i want to come into the 21st century so looking at a new or newish Minelab. I used to have an Etrac for the beach but to be honest the GT was just better - deeper, and steadier over that horrible black sand etc.
Is the CTX better than the GT or is it just a glorified Etrac which i strongly suspect. If its isnt, whats the difference please.
Also what are these Nox machines like?? Ive never even seen one yet. Are they worth looking at for beach?
I dont want a PI machine and the detector will be for beach only. Im more than happy with the Deus inland
Cheers boys


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Dry sand only? Or in the water I use a Deus on the dry sand and the equinox for the wet and in the water used to use a CTX but had problems with leaks so changed to the nox no leaks and great finds results so you could buy both for the price of a CTX but if your just a minelab man me I’d go for the Equinox and it’s half the weight.

Minelab Mal

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Depending on your budget but after using the Equinox on the beach I tend to be going back to the CTX.
Dry sand Deus and Equinox on a par but wary of the non protected Deus as mine started to show pitting on the contacts as the Deus is not designed for beach environment. CTX on dry sand is deeper hunting.
Equinox can hold its own plus designed for the beach environment with a quick fresh water rinse after the days hunt.
CTX is more refined and has better tone separation of targets plus better in the surf as more sturdy shaft.
Since upgrading the o rings years ago no issues with leaks.


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I agree with Mal’s points on the Ctx but the nox is still cheaper and lighter.
I stick a bit of elec tape over the Deus coil contacts to hopefully help protect them.
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