• we are holding an open charity dig. see dig section for details

No Digs


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Wish I’d known better I donated a bottle of premium scotch whiskey thinking it was going to be used to raise money for the club.
Sincere apologies mate. As far as I know one of the team as a number of prizes still for future digs. There was talk of us having areas to seek out permissions within certain limits to where we live to cut down on time finding a suitable location. With how things have been and how people have drifted I'm not sure what's gonna be our new strategy.

Hopefully we can get a charity dig at some point. It would be nice getting out digging with a bit of bonus banter for good measure.
It was a combination of things and a bit of a nightmare dig that was pretty much a nail in the coffin. I can't go into details but those who know know ;)
Whatever anyone does its thankless to some you need to rise above it and crack on if you stop youve let them win.

Minelab Mal

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Loads of digs on round here and local farmers getting fed up with the traffic and requests from all and sundry.
Detectorists getting a bad name with local Landowners due to this so called "Organised Digs being held in areas that are not designed for traffic and restricts them doing their work.
The tiny minority of Landowners taking the "Kings Shilling" falling out with most that don't allow :(


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So was it the ring or something else that lost the permission?
We haven’t lost the permission, just haven’t had the time to arrange any.

I don’t have any time to arrange anything at the minute as I’m currently getting a house extension and every weekend we are just ploughing away trying to get the house back to normal.
anyone else wants to arrange a get together, it would be great.