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Puffin bird


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Came across this poor little puffin today on the beach , very unusual to see one around here ( Hartlepool ) . A lady from the wildlife trust reckons it must of lost its way somehow and ended up here as they are from the Faroe Islands and whales ,what else is strange is it is on a site of nesting terns that have came to hatch there chicks all the way from Africa ? . As I work on the quayside I see quite a few rare and visiting seabirds but I have never heard of a puffin around here . 4C668B06-E853-41BF-A508-AB36A434506F.jpeg



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I’ve done a little research on this puffin and there is actually a colonie in Bridlington yorkshire , and quite a few up in Scotland so looks like it’s maybe been caught up in some bad weather while out collecting food off the Yorkshire coast and the sea has washed it up here .


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Was it ringed as RSPB would be interested in the details on it ?
No it wasn’t ringed , we checked as a lady I was speaking to who was from some wildlife trust watching the terns mentioned that the rspb may be interested if it was . She was quite pleased to see it when I mentioned it was there it’s just a shame it was dead .

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Lovely birds seen them on Lindisfarne, as you say probably perished hunting for food for young maybe as the beaks are only like that in breeding season I think

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Saw on another FB page two guys had been hunting on Iceland and had shot 100 puffins for financial gain.
Apparently a dead puffin get a huge income for these guys and it legal in Iceland to shot them.