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Redcar beach haul

Me and Andy Taylor went for a session two weeks ago to Redcar scars, but on arrival I notice 3ft of sand had been removed by the council from beneath the steps, it was only a area of 20x30 meters, but between us we found just over 150 coins, nearly all predecimals, 6 silver 3p, 18 sixpences, I had a silver ring and a silver bird broach, Andy got the only bit of gold, little pendant, DSC_1518.JPG _20190822_173135.JPG IMG-20190820-WA0001.jpg

welch beachbum

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very nice collection looks like you two hit the jackpot when you managed to find the low spot well searched nice ring and bird well done to Andy on the gold locket

maize runner

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Never mind next time that's nice that badge mind some cracking items coming out well done both of you