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Registration security


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After still getting bombarded with registration requests from spammers (135 yesterday) I’ve added key captcha to the registration process.

let’s see how we go now


Minelab Mal

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We on the Forums and FaceAche site Im admin on getting up to 15-20 a day at the moment from spammers and Dr Pimple Popper fans Im deleting.

Plus loads of the spot the number scams with links, first it was the Robbie Williams one, then Ed Sheran and not Beyoncé and other celeb ones.

Many are easy to spot with their profile or same registration details but they are getting cute so you have to dig bit further so you don't delete the genuine ones.

Minelab Mal

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Today I must have rejected up to 50 applications to join one of the Forums Im admin on. Just going to do the others now and you will se the same profiles :(
Latest deceptions from mainly Thailand and Philippines is the cloning other peoples photos and applying with their names to join :(