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We are under attack from the Russians!


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Quite amusing, and glad we have software in place to prevent it.

Unless there’s a surge in metal detecting in Russia, there’s something going on. We are getting around 25 forum registrations a day from Russian IP addresses.

I have software in place to catch these, in the unlikely event one gets through, report any posts straight away please.

thank you all
Spammers 9/10 they put a link in the signature or stick one somewhere, some post and spam some are just happy to join with the imbeded link India/usa can be as bad.

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On a couple of Forums and many Facebook I'm admin on we are getting a plague from Indonesia and Middle East at the moment :(
Also a load of Dr Pimple popper fans mostly from Middle East and Bible bashers from Africa who are using it as a way in to get your details but can spot them as using same details on many different profiles :)
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