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Where has Foci gone? Why aren’t there any digs?


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I know I haven’t been around much so you all deserve an explanation.

I put my heart and soul into this forum. I got shafted multiple times and got let down by a lot of people that I trusted. I love metal detecting but the amount of crap I’ve had for not organising digs is unbearable.

This forum wasn’t a cash cow unlike most of the rest.
I made this forum to help each other out. I thought I had the right idea but maybe I failed?
It was designed for like minded people to talk about a hobby they love. Digs would be a bonus, not a regular dig site.
we’ve had a lot of help from a lot of great people organising digs @davidh @@KH05PER @Bob T @Heisenberg to name a few.

the site was made for a good bunch of members to have some good craic.

I had never made a forum before so this was my first attempt. Didn’t too too badly I reckon?

Ive got to be honest, I’ve made real good, life long friends through this hobby, too many to mention, but the lack of permissions, the lack of time and the leeches that sucked on me to organise another dig when I didn’t even have my own permission sort of put a dampener on the hobby.

then we had the feckin idiots, (ones who wear a hat to name one of the biggest idiots)
Trying to tarnish our name.

Ive had a lot on for the past couple of years and I would hope everyone would understand that I’m trying to better myself for the good of my family. Both mine and my retired parents. Ive started an albeit small business and had an extension on my house that has been the most stressful time of my life. To top that off I’m still a production manager in a high volume, fast paced factory. My little boy is now over 6ft tall at the age of 13 and has a very promising career in football already being signed for Sunderland for three years and just starting his fourth season.

Anyway, I’m hoping the spark re-ignites, I’m hoping you all support the forum, but most of all, I hope you understand. I haven’t gone, I’m just taking a time out.

if anyone need a bit company when out digging, let me know, even if I just come and watch.

Ive been trying to attend an organised dig outside of NRH which I will, but it’s trying to fit it in.

Right, I’ll get off my soapbox.

thank you all for still hanging around.

Stephen (foci)


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Well spoken Stephen, I have been the same as you and feel your passion for our hobbies, must have a meet up soon, good luck and thanks for the forum.


Minelab Mal

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Well said mate :)
Im site admin for a number of groups and like you said many join just to get on digs and don’t contribute to the Forums at all.
Keep up the great work and remember give me a call when your down this way :)


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Great check in @foci , young family new business, house etc. Family first as always mate.
We can all keep the forum ticking over even if a bit slow from time to time. Plenty of group digs out there for people who like a bit of banter and face to face. I'm sure things will come good again once we all get our heads together.
Catch up soon buddy.

craig wheeldon

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Been a while but quality reply stephen to many is the a dig on and dont understand ethos of forum opinions are different but forum is for that joined last week whens dig on come on!